Flame Dog!

The initial build direction used loose design dimensions as reference to block-out general shapes and proportions with PVC and duct tape. Reasoning that PVC could be quickly cut, taped and modified. Once these general shapes were set the final surface would be built up with paper mache and covered in fiberglass.

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This approach evolved into using the PVC as a reference to bend small diameter steel rod around, keeping the flowing shapes originally envisioned. The only problem... the PVC and duct tape structure proved to be unstable. Far too unstable to act as a reference to curve rod around or as a sub-structure for a final surface. The PVC however could partially be used as a starting point for a mostly straight line wire-frame approach. An overall look and feel that probably would have been easier to arrive at with a tight computer generated design rather than PVC!


Using PVC to Establish Basic Shape & Proportions - March 31, 2012

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