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Physical Description
Eight individual trees follow an east to west arc. These trees take their design from evergreens allowing for a wide base and greater stability in high wind. Each tree leans slightly towards the northeast as if shaped by the strongest prevailing winds from the southwest. Limbs on the south side of the trees are longer - reaching toward the southern path of the sun across the sky. The distances between the trees , their size relative to each other, and the number of trees within the group are determined by patterns of replication and growth found throughout nature. The progression in distances determined by multiples of phi, the "Golden Mean". Size and number have a basis in the Fibonacci series.

Where possible recycled / reclaimed wood is used. Structural components are made of new dimensional lumber. Wood glue and finishing nails used for pre-assembled pieces. Wood glue, nails and / or screws for on-playa final assembly. Rebar attached with metal straps is used to anchor trees to the playa. Solar spotlights for nighttime illumination.

An Installation for Burning Man 2007